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How to Interview a PHP Developer and What to Look For?

If you’re looking to hire a PHP developer, you’ll want to make sure to ask the right questions and look for the right qualities in potential candidates. Knowing what to look for can be tricky, but with the right approach, you can separate the good developers from the great ones.

Let’s take a closer look at how to interview a PHP developer and what qualities to look for. PHP is an incredibly popular programming language used for developing web applications.

If you’re looking for a new developer for your team, you’ll want to make sure you hire someone who is knowledgeable about the language and can develop applications that fit your needs. But, how do you go about interviewing candidates and what should you look for in a great PHP developer? Let’s break it down.

Preparing for an Interview Interview a PHP Developer

Before interviewing any candidates, it’s important that you create a list of questions that will give you insight into their skillset, experience level, and problem-solving ability. Start by asking about their prior work history with PHP development.

How long have they been developing? What projects have they worked on? What challenges did they face during those projects and how did they tackle them?

You should also ask them if they are familiar with any frameworks or libraries related to web development. Any candidate worth considering should be able to explain their experience in depth.

The Basics of PHP Development PHP Development

Before you start interviewing candidates, it’s important that you understand the basics of what PHP development entails. This will help set expectations and ensure that everyone involved understands the scope of the job requirements.

A great PHP developer should have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) principles, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

They should also be familiar with frontend frameworks like AngularJS or React as well as backend frameworks like Laravel or CodeIgniter.

You should also ask questions about their understanding of coding best practices such as object-oriented programming (OOP) and MVC (Model View Controller) architecture patterns.

This is important because these are essential concepts that all well-rounded developers must understand in order to build robust applications. Be prepared to ask follow-up questions based on their answers.

This will help you get a better understanding of the candidate’s true knowledge and experience level.

Finally, inquire about their troubleshooting methods when faced with complex problems. Do they take initiative in finding solutions or do they prefer seeking guidance from others?

It’s important that your candidate has strong problem-solving skills as well as inquisitiveness that allows them to explore new possibilities without getting overwhelmed by complexity.

Interview Questions for Hiring a PHP Developer

A girl who is thinking about interviewDo You Have Experience Working with Different Types of Frameworks?

PHP developers should have experience working with different frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony. This will help them develop more efficient and robust applications in less time. You should also ask what they think about each framework and which one they prefer working with. It’s important to understand their level of expertise when it comes to different types of frameworks.

Database Design ExperienceDatabase

This is an important question because a PHP developer will need to interact with databases on a regular basis. They need to be familiar with database design principles such as normalization, indexing, and optimization in order to ensure that applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Asking this question will help you determine whether the candidate has the necessary knowledge and experience when it comes to database design.

What Techniques Do You Use for Performance Optimization?

Performance optimization plays an important role in developing efficient applications. Ask the candidate about their experience optimizing web apps for improved performance and what techniques they use for doing so. This will help you gauge their technical capabilities as well as their understanding of web application performance optimization best practices.

Technical Knowledge QuestionsFAQ for interview

The first set of questions should focus on the technical aspects of coding in PHP. Ask questions that test their knowledge of the language syntax and programming fundamentals. Try to phrase them in a way that will give you insight into how they solve problems and why they chose certain approaches over others. Here are some examples of technical knowledge questions:

  • Describe a recent project you completed using PHP
  • What challenges did you face when working on this project? How did you address them?
  • How have you debugged errors during your development process? What techniques have proven successful in that regard?
  • Can you explain the concept of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? Give an example of how it works in practice

Soft Skills QuestionsSoft skills

It’s not enough for a developer to understand the technical aspects of coding—they also need to be able to work well with other members of your team and be able to communicate clearly. Ask questions that will give you insight into their communication skills and attitude towards work. Here are some examples:

  • Describe a time when you had to collaborate with other developers on a project
  • What challenges did you face while working together? How did you overcome them?
  • What strategies do you use when debugging code written by someone else?
  • Describe a time when something went wrong with one of your projects. What did you do next?
  • Tell me about a time when communication broke down between yourself and another member of your team. How did it affect working together moving forward?
  • What processes or tools do you use during development to ensure quality control is met before launch?


In conclusion, hiring an experienced PHP developer is not an easy task—it requires careful consideration of each candidate’s qualifications, problem-solving ability, collaboration skills, and more. By taking the time to prepare appropriate interview questions and researching each applicant thoroughly prior to meeting them, you can ensure that you make the best decision for your business needs.

With a bit of preparation, knowledge of what qualities make up a great developer, and lots of patience throughout the process, you’re sure to find just the right candidate.

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