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What is React Native? It is a popular open-source JavaScript framework for building mobile, web, and desktop applications. It was created by Facebook in 2015 as an extension of their existing React library.

This is designed to enable React Native developers to create ui elements that can be used on multiple platforms without having to write code for each one separately. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what it is and how it works.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript library that enables developers to create user interfaces (UIs) with native components and styling options. The framework allows developers to build applications that are not only cross-platform but also highly performant.

This means that you can use the same codebase across different platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows without having to rewrite it from scratch. Additionally, the framework uses native components instead of HTML elements. Applications will have a more native feel to them than if you had used HTML for your UI Component. 

How Does React Native Work? 

React Native works by compiling JavaScript code into native code for the platform you are targeting. It means that instead of writing platform-specific code from scratch, you can use the same set of JavaScript files across all platforms. 

When you write your application’s UI in JavaScript using React Native components. The framework compiles it into optimal native code for each platform automatically. You don’t need any additional configuration or setup; just write your app once and deploy it anywhere.

The Advantages of React Native 

One of the biggest benefits of using React Native is that it allows developers to quickly create high-performance apps without sacrificing quality or performance. Additionally, the framework supports cross-platform development. You can save time by not having to rewrite the same code multiple times for different platforms.

Many of the components available in it are written using native APIs. Your app will have a more consistent feel across different operating systems than HTML/CSS/JavaScript elements instead.  

The fact that it is based on JavaScript makes it easy for existing web developers to learn how to use the library quickly and efficiently. Additionally, because it is open source, there is no need to pay expensive licensing fees. 

Is React Native a Framework?

React Native is not a framework but is instead a library used for building mobile applications. It is based on Facebook’s JavaScript library and is used to create native Android and iOS apps.

This is an open-source project created by Facebook that enables developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript and the same design as traditional native apps. It uses native components such as views, text, images, and others to create high-performance mobile applications with the look and feel of a fully native mobile app. Unlike other frameworks like Cordova or Ionic.

It offers improved performance due to its ability to access device features directly through native APIs rather than relying on HTML5 or Javascript bridge techniques. This makes it possible to use sophisticated animation, transitions, and gestures without compromising the user experience. 

This views as an excellent choice for developers who want to build high-performance mobile apps quickly and easily. It is a great option for developing apps that are easily ported between multiple platforms.


React Native is an incredibly powerful tool for creating user interfaces (UIs) with native components and styling options across multiple platforms without having to write new code every time you want to deploy an application on another platform.

By leveraging its ability to compile JavaScript into optimized native code automatically, developers can save time while developing high-performance apps with great user experiences across all devices and operating systems. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer looking for a way to quickly build apps with minimal effort, React Native is worth checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why React Native is used?

React Native is an open-source framework which uses for building mobile applications for both iOS and Android systems. It is the best choice in comparison to other frameworks because it uses Javascript, a language that almost every web developer knows.

In addition to being easy to learn, It offers tools that are high-performance efficient, and cost-effective which many developers prefer over other available choices. Furthermore, what sets React Native apart from other frameworks is its cross-platform support capabilities; this allows developers to develop apps that remain consistent in look and feel on both platforms without having to write two different codes. 

From faster web development times and ease of use to the reduction of manual scripting, It has become one of the most preferred choices amongst developers nowadays due to these benefits.

2. Is React Native a skill?

React Native is a mobile application framework developed by Facebook that allows web developers to create native applications for both iOS and Android devices. It uses the same design as React, allowing developers to compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. This enables applications built with React Native to function within JavaScript and access platform-specific APIs.

It is the skill set allowing developers to create complex mobile applications relatively quickly and with minimal effort. Its recent rapid growth in popularity highlights how powerful of a development tool it has become and the numerous possibilities of what one can develop using this technology.

3. Is React Native frontend or backend?

React Native is the combination of both frontend and backend development. In simple terms, this means that developing an app in it requires both writing the actual mobile application code. It sets the server infrastructure that allows the mobile app to communicate with other parts of the system.

This setup allows developers to create interactive applications that run on various devices and operating systems at high speeds. It leverages features like push notifications, deep linking, and analytics. As a result, It has become one of the most popular ways to develop apps today. It allows teams to quickly build user-friendly apps for major platforms.

4. Is Netflix written in React Native?

Have you ever wondered what technology powers Netflix? While many people assume that the streaming giant is written in JavaScript. What may surprise them is that it’s written using React Native. But what exactly are React Native apps? Essentially, it’s a framework for JavaScript and allows developers to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Additionally, due to its capability of reusing codes from web apps. React Native can have faster development cycles which also means a shorter time from launch to deployment. All of this makes React a great choice for app development and helps explains why major companies like Netflix choose to use it.



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